Juice Cleanse Fail (Keeping It Positive)

Juice Cleansing Kicked My Ass

Just want to do a quit post on my current situation. I failed pretty bad at a juice cleanse. The cleanse was supposed to be three days, and I made it to one. Honestly, it doesn’t even feel that bad. It was a lesson learned. I jumped into this clean way to quick, still being overweight and just getting my diet in order, in hindsight it was a bad idea.

The juice cleanse began on Monday at 7:00 am, and I made until Tuesday at 7:00 pm. Honestly, I felt good until about 3:30 on Tuesday, then the headache and weakness kicked in. Not fun. I figure my caloric intake to lose weight is about 2800 calories, this juice cleanse restricted me to 240 a day. Not good for a guy who just got below the 300lb mark. Anyways. I’m not discouraging anyone who wants to try a juice cleanse or any cleanse, I believe they have a ton of benefits, but I would recommend them only to people who are in proper shape.

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End of rant…

Anyone have any cleanse or dieting fail or success stories? Let’s get the conversation started! Comment below.

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