About Scott Gottstein (Me)…in the 1st person…

I’m a recovering miserable person. Not extreme, but bad enough. I decided to make a change after my son Anthony Scott was born. I decided it was up to myself to make the best out of life professionally, personally and spiritually.

I’m currently working on my B.S. in Finance, and if all goes well, I will eventually be working towards my MBA. My family, along with myself own and operate four companies, Gottstein Corporation; a mechanical construction company that focuses on the baking industry, Humboldt Industrial Supply; an industrial supply house, Gottstein Realty and Gottstein-Chiriboga Holdings; which owns and operates a few separate entities.

As far as myself personally, I have recently discovered a passion for happiness, wellbeing, business and my health. You can consider me a business nerd as well as a nerd’s nerd, I have a passion for fantasy literature, I love star wars, and I recently picked up a pretty nasty comic book habit. Philadelphia Eagles for life #underdogs!

I want you guys to join me on my journey as I bring to light day to day issues in the workforce, in daily life and work-life stability, as well as how I enjoy my time off. I want to keep this fun and engaging so it can’t be all business people!!!